The largest protest in Palestine in decades taking place right now as thousands of Palestinians march to Jerusalem in solidarity with the innocent people of Gaza. Ya Allah! Ya rab make this blessed day of Ramadan be the start of the third intifada. Everyone please please PLEASE do pray and keep on praying for Palestine!!

People of Gaza, created life from death.

Beautiful drawings by a Gazan artist.

Israeli war kills one child every hour in Gaza: UN
So a few days ago letters and emails have been sent to my local MP stressing that what is currently happening in Gaza has to be raised in the Parliament as well as demanding immediate action to be taken by the UK government to stop the bloodshed of the innocent civilians in Gaza. This morning, I woke up to a letter from the MP stating that in response to the letters and emails from the constituents, the issue has been raised in the House of Commons and that letters have also been written to the Foreign & Commonwealth office, asking Ministers what they are doing in this regard. Many people believe that writing to their local MP won’t help end the suffering of the innocent Palestinians, but I beg each and every single one of you to try all you can and never despair. In just 17 days, Israel’s brutal military assault on Gaza has led to the death of over 667, 70% of whom are women and children!! It’s heartbreaking! The people of Palestine are slowly, and deliberately, being wiped off the face of the earth!! It is the duty of every human being to take every action possible to help these innocent people and stop their bloodshed. So PLEASE do write to your local MP, protest, sign petitions, donate as much as you can and most importantly pray and keep on praying for all the innocent souls suffering all around the world.


Celebrities speak out against Israel’s terrorist attacks on Gaza

(via Jewish Voice for Peace)

It’s 2 am, the sound of the f-16 is terrifying, I can’t sleep.

Mainly, listening to the news makes you depressed. Still you must face the truth. On average 50 citizens are killed every day, mostly children and women. It saddens me when I see my 5 year old cousin stare at the scene of children full of blood. He wonders and asks me if he can do anything. He feels great guilt.
All we ever do is sit there, watch the news, and hope we won’t be bombed all of a sudden. My young relatives no longer have the sense of childhood. They never went to Disney land, they never got their childhood. Strangely they are satisfied. They thank God for the blessing of having parents, a home, and food to eat. “It’s not fair that we go have fun while other children become orphans or even depressed” stated one of my young cousins after asking her if she would accept the chance to go to Disney land tomorrow.

Recently, the IDF started using chemical gases on Palestinians in Gaza. Unfortunately, many people have no windows because of the fear of shattering glass, in case of a nearby bombing. This there is no way to protect themselves against these harmful gases.

Oddly, despite of the poverty, people are willing to give. They are willing to give from their own money, not depending on aid. Many people started collecting money through social networks in order to prepare “Suhoor” meals for doctors and patients in hospitals. While others give people in the UNRWA schools clothing, blankets, etc…

To be continued.. As for now I am going to have Suhoor.

 Hamza El Khoudary- 15 year-old from Gaza
As long as the general population is passive, apathetic, diverted to consumerism or hatred of the vulnerable, then the powerful can do as they please, and those who survive will be left to contemplate the outcome.
Noam Chomsky

Be not afraid of speaking up for justice; history won’t forget who killed the innocents nor will it forget those who spread the injustice by remaining silent.

This world is like a shadow: run after it and you will never be able to catch it; turn your back against it and it has no choice but to follow you.
Ibn al-Qayyim


Viva Palestine



I couldn’t sleep last night. Memories of my home in gaza kept flooding my head. The sounds of bombs had captivated my soul, repeating over and over. I remember the mangos from our trees would fall like rain from the ground shaking. I remember the poisonous candy that would fall from the airplanes…